• Thursday January 27, 2022

About NewsGallery

NewsGallery is a social network which is wired across the nations and is globally integrated. It is not just a news application rather an amalgamation of media and social networking. You get a platform to share your ideas, information, views, and news with your friends and followers on NewsGallery. If you write creative or think yourself a social media enthusiast then NewsGallery is the right place for vast explorations. This platform allows you to share the events and news stories that concern you or being witnessed by you.

NewsGallery allows to:
  • Express ideas, views, news and information.
  • Post multiple newsworthy events and stories witnessed by you.
  • Share information from various genres, articles, essays, descriptive, or expository accounts, and videos.
  • Share latest news and stories.
  • Connect with the places and regions of your interest.
  • Receive feedback on your posts from your peers and followers.
  • You can edit and repost on NewsGallery.
  • Telecast live stories and events.
  • Compile multiple videos/stories/headlines into one continuous presentation.
  • Watch stories, headlines, news, articles, live videos and much more shared by the people you follow.
  • Follow people and other galleries of your interest.
  • Connect with people from all over the world that share your interests and fascinations.
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