• Monday September 16, 2019

About News Gallery

News gallery is a social network which is wired across the nations and is globally integrated. It is not just a news application, rather an amalgamation of media and social networking. You get a platform to share your ideas, information, views, and news with your friends and followers on news gallery. If you are a creative writer or a social media enthusiast then news gallery is the right place for your explorations. It is the right place to share the events that concern you and being witnessed by you.

News gallery allows to:
  • Express ideas, views, news, and information.
  • Post multiple headlines and accounts of the events witnessed by you.
  • Share information in the various genre specific forms; articles, essays, descriptive, or expository accounts, and videos.
  • Share latest news and much more that is taking place around the world.
  • Connect with the places and regions of your interest.
  • Get feedbacks on your posts from your friend and followers. Feedbacks will be in the form of direct comments, appraisals, appreciations, originality quotient. You can edit and repost on news gallery.
  • Telecast live stories and events.

You can record and share simultaneously any live event which you are witnessing. News gallery will display it as a live telecast on your profile page/timeline/headliner. Your friends and followers will also witness it live with you.

  • Ensemble multiple videos/stories/headlines into one continuous presentation.
  • Watch stories, headlines, news, articles live videos and much more shared by the people you follow.
  • Discover stories, news, articles, information and video you might like and share them with your friends and followers.
  • Follow people and new accounts you like.
  • Connect with people from all over the world that share your interests and fascinations.
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