• Tuesday September 28, 2021

2020: The decade of climate crisis

We have finally entered the last 90 days of the 2010s. Starting Jan 1, 2020, the world and the planet will enter into a new era that will be defined by climate change. If the 90s were famous for liberalization, the 2000s for the Internet and 2010s for smartphones and social media, 2020s will make a mark for climate change, global warming, environmental crisis, and plastic waste epidemic. In many sense the world is coming around to the full circle, the 1920s aka the roaring twenties were all about exuberance and 1930s witnessed the great depression that plunged modern civilization and economies into despair. The 2020s will be the decade of reckoning. Every single action taken by every individual from their personal consumption to an investment decision, will determine our survival or not in the 2030s. One of the biggest dissonances about climate change is between the few experts/activi… read more
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