• Tuesday September 28, 2021

4 HR trends of 2019 that are transforming how hiring takes place

Banking on its vast volumes of data collected throughout the year, Shine.com, India’s second-largest job search platform, has revealed the HR Trends 2019 report. The report covers the major factors that have transformed the hiring space over the year and will shape 2020’s hiring landscape and has insights from recruiters and hiring managers from across the country. Speaking on the trends, Shine.com CEO, Zairus Master, said, "Through the Hiring Trends 2019 report, we have offered some key insights about hiring trends from recruiters across India. It focuses on the evolution, challenges, and shifts in hiring over the past year." The report will equip HR professionals with the knowledge they need to better prepare for their hiring needs in 2020 and beyond. The talent scenario has truly progressed in 2019, and it is exciting to anticipate how the hiring scenario will pan out in t… read more
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