• Saturday July 24, 2021
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Sonia Gandhi was a prostitute: BJP's Subramaniam Swami

Even politics is not spared from the sprinkles of sexism comments. And it becomes even worse when such comments are sparked by some of the top and so called 'respected' leaders of the country. BJP, which calls itself to be the most religious party and is guided by the RSS(yes, the same RSS that killed Mahatma Gandhi) seems to be the most aggressive on sexist comments. Learning to be an orthodox hindu, perhaps the BJP forgot to learn from its teacher RSS, that women in our country are worshiped and given the utmost respect. Calling a women as prostitute just because she is one's political rivalry shows the mindsets of such persons making shameful comments. Watch out this video where Subramaniyam swami and other leaders can be seen making shameless comments about women.

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